Increase productivity and outcomes with one unified solution.

Design, build, execute and optimze care pathways with Awell to standardize your care processes, increase patient engagement and collect PROMs.


Automated collection of PROMs and PREMs

Care pathways in Awell automatically collect PROMs / PREMs at the right moments throughout the care journey and push the relevant insights back to your EHR. No need for additional data nurses or double data entry. Forget about complex follow-up schedules and focus on delivering healthcare to patients.


Turn patients into active participants

Patients receive relevant and contextual information, tips and alerts throughout their care journey. With relevant information at their fingertips, they actively participate from start to finish.


Stay on track

Delivering healthcare is more complex than ever. Standardize your approach across your population. Enable true personalization for each individual patient. Automate repetitive tasks and reminders. Improve collaboration between multidisciplinary team members.


Expert pathway builders at your service.


Use our unique pathway building expertise to get ahead of the curve. Our team thinks along with you about process improvements, collaboration opportunities and productivity gains.


No need to start from scratch.

Discover the available care pathways in our library and adapt to your needs.