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Customer stories

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High-tech with a human touch

“Using Awell Health results in better care for patients. Our care team is better prepared for consultation, asks more relevant questions to patients and refers patients more effectively to the healthcare provider they need.”

Steffi Ryckaert – AZ Maria Middelares

Picture: Jessa Hospital


Improving IBD Care Through Collaboration

“IBD care is a small world – we’ve all run into each other over the years. Thanks to the standardised process of the ICHOM standard set and the Awell care pathways, we have been able to build the trust in our collaboration that is required to be transparent about outcomes.”

Dr. Bossuyt – Gastroenterologist, IBD specialist

Holistic care through better collaboration

“It’s psychologically demanding work, but when patients are happy with the care they receive — when you’ve actually been able to contribute something positive to the process — that’s what keeps you strong,”

Geert Anthoons – AZ Delta

Picture: Jessa Hospital

Finding Empowerment in Access

“Thanks to the alerts, the onco-coaches (who are the nurses that carry out pathway counselling for oncological patients) know whenever something is bothering a patient. They can use this information to support the patient, enabling the onco-coaches to act in a more targeted and tailor-made way for each individual patient.” 

Sylvana Snoekx – Jessa Hospital

Turning Difference Into Harmony

“As any healthcare professional in a busy clinic will tell you: things can get crazy. But finding new ways to keep things organized is time-consuming — and takes time away from the patients. Awell changed that. In a matter of days, everyone in the unit was on-board, marveling at how much easier everything became.”

Martine Knaebel – AZ Monica

Overcoming widespread doubts to introduce digital care pathways

“Reaching agreement on a consensual approach to care among stakeholders from a wide variety of backgrounds is the biggest challenge, but clinical pathways are an important part of putting the patient’s voice forward. So I enjoy the responsibility.”

Marie Stevens – CHC Groupe Santé

Ghent university collaboration to create a care pathway for multiple sclerosis

“It is important that our students learn as much as possible about how scientific knowledge can be put into practice. New technologies will become even more central to how we change practice in the future. The focus will always be on the patient and their environment,”

Prof. Dr. Dimitri Beeckman – Ghent University

Stroke2gether – Integral digital recovery pathway in a home setting

Within this project, a digital evidence-based care pathway is being developed and implemented for people after a stroke. In this digital care pathway, medical follow-up and monitoring, as well as therapy and health prevention will be included via monitoring, education and coaching, both live and remotely. This allows the patient and his/her caregivers to collaborate more effectively. The treatment results are also shared and adjusted in a reliable manner.

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