I have a very specific request for patient follow-up. Can I build this with Awell?
Awell is built to be self-serve and to accomodate for all possible data collection, informing and decision support for patient treatment. We make it easy to create your care plans from the ground up or to take an existing plan and adjust it to your specific demands. Our customers use Awell for:
  • PROMs collection
  • ROM collection
  • Patient data collection for clinical trials
  • Informing patients about their treatment
  • Creation of decision support algorithms
  • Set up quality assessments of care delivery
  • Provide compliance data to payors and government
  • Send reminders to patients to take certain actions
Do you offer standardized surveys?
We want to make setting up a care plan as easy as possible. We offer a library of standardized surveys that can be used with one click and are available in multiple languages.
Can I reuse care plans that have been designed by others?
In addition to our library of standardized surveys we have an extensive library of collaboratively developed care plans that you can use in your organisation in one click. It's easy to make adjustments to existing care plans in order to reflect your specific demands.
Is your platform secure?
We respect all HIPAA and other local regulations related to patient data and privacy and use bank grade security to protect this data.
Can I integrate Awell with my existing EHR?
Awell can be integrated with any existing EHR as long as it uses standard data integration protocols such as HL7. Our goal is to provide an easy to use platform that removes redundant data input tasks.
Can I export any data?
Raw data can be exported to be analysed with other software such as Excel, SASS, R and others
Who owns the care pathways I create on your platform?
When you create a care pathway, you own it. There is a possibility to make it public, which we encourage as it will be used and improved upon by other caregivers. Once the care pathway is public it is considered "open source" licensed under GNU General Public License, version 3 (GPL-3.0)
Is there a free version of your software?
Academic researchers can use our platform for free. Please contact us to set this up for you.