We play well with others.

We have everything in our toolkit to enable seamless syncronisation between what’s happening in Awell and your EHR. We even fetch data from 3d party software like wearables and other connected devices to bring it back to you for better decision making.


HLF, FHIR, web services, APIs: we run the full gamut when it comes to classic integration capabilities. Our experts have built hundreds of successful healthcare integrations with many of the world’s largest EHRs.

Your EHR has no integration capabilities? Local IT team swamped? Data is locked in a 3d party wearable? Meet Ava, our operational AI integration technology. It enables true healthcare interoperability where other solutions have failed.


Meet Ava

Ava works with any application, never sleeps or takes vacation and doesn’t make the same errors humans make. It’s AI technology that “just works”:

  • Ava requires minimal resources from IT to set up.

  • Is deployed within the hospital firewall to allow total control and monitoring.

  • Can work with any application.

  • Keeps detailed logs on actions.

  • Allows bi-directional syncronisation.

  • Can work with structured and non-structured data.


Interested but sceptical?

Don”t worry, most of our customers were sceptical at first. That’s why we have a unique proof of concept program where we implement Ava at your site to show that it “just works”, no strings attached.