Low back pain pathway

The low back pain pathway is a truly integrated care pathway during which GPs and specialists collaboratively treat patients based on the Belgian KCE guideline for treatment of aspecific low back pain. It supports caregivers by providing:

    • The relevant guideline recommendations at the right time
    • A holistic overview of the patient journey at any time
    • Access to patient data (both specialist and GP have access)

The care pathway is started by GPs but can continue in the hospital, GP’s office or patient’s home.

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From first GP visit

Key components

    • Dynamic advice for caregivers to treat patients based on the Belgian KCE guideline for asymptomatic low back pain
    • StarT Back risk assessment
    • Possibility for GPs to refer patients to a multidisciplinary consultation in the hospital
    • Information brochures about medication, exercises, etc.
    • PROMs

Patient-reported outcomes

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