Total hip replacement pathway

The total hip replacement pathway is based on the ICHOM knee & hip osteoarthritis standard set and collects all clinical as well as patient-reported indicators. Additionally, the pathway collects daily activity and number of steps taken by the patient thanks to connected wearables and closely follows up on patients with relevant questions, information and video exercise programs.

The multidisciplinary aspect is ensured by allowing surgeons and physiotherapists to manage specific tracks in the pathway such as the pre-op track and the revalidation track while they keep the same overview on the pathway.

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From pre-op to 5 years after operation

Key components

    • ICHOM standard set
    • Pre-op information for patients about surgery and required preparation
    • Pre- and post-operative exercise programs
    • Integration with wearables
    • Close monitoring during acute post-op phase
    • Alerts to the relevant caregivers when patient reports alarming symptoms
    • Long-term follow-up

Patient-reported outcomes

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