End-to-end support with your personal 24/7 health assistant.

Whether you’re in for a total knee replacement, fighting cancer or struggling to get a chronic disease under control, Awell supports you every step of the way.


No more questionnaires

Nobody likes filling in forms and questionnaires. In Awell, data is collected from patients through a user-friendly conversational interface. Our virtual assistant only asks the relevant questions at the right time.


Become an active participant

Our virtual assistant sends you relevant information, tasks and alerts at the right time in your care journey. Stay up to date about what’s done and what’s happening next.


Curated info at your fingertips

Ever went online to look for information about your condition, treatment or surgery and ended up more confused than ever? Your virtual assistant has all the relevant information you need, at any time, right where you expect it.

Before, I went home after treatment and often felt alone with my illness. Now I feel supported every day.
— Anonymous patient in our Lung Cancer pathway