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    3 types of requirements when building a GUI-based software

    There are 3 types of requirements when building a GUI-based software: Functional requirements. Technical requirements. Visual requirements aka. wireframes I’ll illustrate them through the magic of storytelling. An example Your are the product manager and the product owner runs into your office screaming (yeah the PO is intense): “We need to be able to create a pathway” As the product manager you get to work and write the requirements.   1.1. The functional requirements You start writing the functional requirements:…

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    How functional requirements and technical implementations interact

    The simplistic view regarding how the software development process is that you write down all the functional requirements first (i.e. what) and then you figure out the technical implementation (i.e. how to implement the what).  This view is simplistic because in reality you should alternate between defining the functional requirements and the technical implementations.  Why? Because the technical implementations are constrained by the current system and the budgeted implementation time. When you are defining the functional requirements you are further…

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    Hope is not enough

    So this weekend I wanted to configure storybook in a JS codebase that was using Meteor.JS, Flow, Eslint, React, Stylus, Babel. I thought it would be pretty easy given storybook even has a tool that configures it for your existing codebase! It wasn’t. I spent a surprising amount of time to make it work.  That made me wonder why it took me so much time. Turns out I shouldn’t be surprised at all it took so much time, even for…

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    Finding the simplest solution

    Each solution to a problem can be rated on efficiency (i.e. how easy is it to implement) and effectiveness (i.e. how good it is at solving the problem).

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