Helping you answer the most difficult question in healthcare: what’s next?

Awell’s smart care management platform helps care teams and patients to make better decisions, every step of the care journey.


Awell works right alongside your EHR and spans the full continuum of care.


Used by care teams that focus on value.

Built from the ground up for Value-Based Healthcare, Awell enables continuous improvement of cost and outcomes with one unified solution.

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Design and build the ideal care journey

Use basic building blocks and our powerful drag & drop pathway builder to combine PROMs / PREMs, tasks, messages, information, alerts and more into a unified care journey for care teams and patients.

Reuse existing pathways from our library and improve on the work of others if you don’t want to start from scratch.


Improve flow and collaboration

Automate repetitive tasks. Forget complex follow-up schedules. Find relevant insights and outcomes at your fingertips. Receive alerts and updates. Standardize and improve your care delivery process. Awell is built to make you awesome at delivering healthcare.


Deliver better outcomes

Patients in Awell care pathways feel more supported throughout their whole care journey, are more engaged, experience shorter reaction times from their healthcare providers and have better outcomes.


Supercharging care teams and patients.